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Gleneagle Civic Association (GCA) Community Updates April 2022
Posted on Apr 5th, 2022

Dear GCA Homeowners,
Happy spring! The board of directors, in keeping with their goals and objectives, will provide updates and communication for community education. When you need information or have concerns, please refer to the newly designed website ( for covenants, architectural control, governing documents and much more. The website allows residents to contact board members for questions, concerns or compliments. The board is run by volunteers and all volunteers are welcome.
GCA Website:
Most of the information contained in the website is for public consumption. However, did you know there is an area of the website for GCA members only? The Member Area provides access to creating ACC project requests, HOA status letter requests, and much more.
To register for access to the “Member Area” simply click the “Register Link at the top of the
Once we process your request you will be able to manage your profile which includes indicating whether or not you want to subscribe to email notifications from the board.
Dues for GCA:
The yearly dues notices have been sent to all residents. If you have not already paid, please send payments of $57.25 to:
P.O. BOX 31
Monument, CO 80132
RBOS Update:
Explore RBOS MAP and see how all the trails connect. Enjoy the treasures of our open space with magnificent views of mountains.
Erosion control and native grass continue to be the focus of the open space management. Straw mats and native reseeding is taking place on the southwest area of Spyglass where the trails connect.
Poop containers are located throughout the RBOS for dog walkers to use. Currently, we have 3 volunteers who service these containers weekly. Picking up waste from your pet is greatly appreciated for all who enjoy our trail system. With all the wind recently, trash has blown onto the open space. Please help by picking up any trash on your walk, pack it out with you, and do not place in poop containers. Thanks for helping us keep the open space free of litter.
Did You Know?
  • Any sheds, fences, painting, improvements to the landscaping must be approved by the ACC.
  • Parking is only allowed on concrete or paved areas not rock or grass.
  • Street parking is allowed during the day, but not overnight.
  • Camping trailers and RVs may temporarily park on driveways 3 days before and after each trip, the aggregate not to exceed 9 days per month. Trailers and RVs shall not be permitted to park on the street at any time.
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked at residential homes.
  • Utility trailers must be stored in a garage or properly screened from view.
  • Yard maintenance, removing dead trees, shrubs, picking up branches and yard debris, removing over grown weeds from rock areas is required.
To improve our neighborhood as spring approaches, we ask for all homeowners to look around their house and yard and perform necessary cleanup. Covenant information will continue to be communicated through community updates. The board’s goal is for self-assessment of everyone’s property so covenant violation letters, followed by a hearing, do not have to be sent.
Do your part. Help keep Gleneagle a great place to live!
Your Volunteer GCA Board
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