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Notice of contested board seats
Posted on Aug 22nd, 2023

The Gleneagle Civic Association Board of Directors consists of five board positions. Each board member serves a two-year term. Board members can serve multiple terms as the Association has no term limits. This October, the two-year terms for three board positions are expiring.  
To be eligible to be a member of the Board, a person must be an association Member in good standing as defined in Article IX of the By-Laws of the Association. For a more complete discussion of eligibility and duties, see the by-laws, which can be found on the GCA website. Being a Board member does require a time commitment.  Board members fill the officer positions which includes president, vice-president and secretary as well as chair a number of committees that make Gleneagle run. Certain committee chairs are required to be Board members, such as Covenants.  
If you are interested in making a time commitment by serving on the board for a minimum of two years, submit a statement of interest to  Include in your submission a brief resume of your relevant qualifications, why you are interested in serving on the board, any special areas of interest and anything else you may feel is relevant.  Please limit the submission to one page.  Submissions will be accepted through September 3, 2023.