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2023 GCA Dues
Posted on Mar 21st, 2023

The GCA collects a small assessment annually, and has increased a small amount each year.  Dues for 2023 are $60.   Properties can be fined a late fee of $15 per year.  If you recently received an invoice, you can view your transactions online.  
A check for dues can be sent to our mailing address, GCA, P.O. Box 31, Monument, CO 80132
Currently there is no online or phone payments taken.
Comment By: Juan G. Jaramillo
Posted on Aug 12, 2023

Would it be difficult to establish a direct debit for the GCA dues? I think that this will save time and money sending the bills to owners without an email.
I know that the GCA dues go up every year. Another option would be to give the chance to pay the dues for several years ahead, let’s say five years, after calculating how much the increase per year would be.
Thank you.

Last Edited: 08/22/2023 at 06:09 PM