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Gleneagle Civic Association (GCA) Community Updates October 2022
Posted on Oct 12th, 2022

GCA August Picnic:
The annual GCA picnic was held on August 27, 2022 at the Pauma Valley Drive pavilion on the RBOS. We want to thank Mark Connell for organizing the GCA picnic. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the delicious Broken Bones BBQ, drinks and side dishes. Bounce houses were a real hit with the children. The sound system was furnished by Mark Connell along with all the numerous raffle prizes. Thank you to all our volunteers who set up the tables and tents. Tractor rides were enjoyed by many of the children. Bruce Randall brought the tractor and all the implements for everyone to see what is used to maintain the open space. The Fire Department thrilled many young children with their presence at our fun afternoon.
GCA Website:
Most of the information contained in the website is for public use.   However, did you know there is an area of the website for GCA members only? The Member Area provides access to creating ACC project requests, HOA status letter requests, and much more. 
To register for access to the “Member Area” simply click the “Register Link at the top of the
Once we process your request you will be able to manage your profile which includes indicating whether or not you want to subscribe to email notifications from the board.
Dues for GCA:
The yearly dues notices have been sent to all residents. If you have not already paid, please send payments of $57.25 to:
Gleneagle Civic Association
P.O. BOX 31
Monument, CO 80132
If you are not sure if your 2022 or prior year(s) dues are paid, you can log into your account to verify the information. Go to “Your Profile” and then “View Transactions.”
GCA Annual Meeting October 18, 2022 Antelope Trails Elementary:
The annual GCA meeting will be held on October 18, 2022, at 6:30 PM, in the school cafeteria. Please join us for the annual update on our community and meet the current Board of Directors.
Ray Berg Open Space [RBOS] Update:
Please do not have your contractors drive on the open space without approval. Permission must be obtained from RBOS Access to enter the open space if your contractor needs access.
All owners are responsible for open space repairs if their contractors do not follow the instructions given by the open space managers.
A friendly reminder that golf carts and other motorized vehicles are not permitted on the open space.
The final mowing will be taking place over the next several weeks. If you live on the open space, it would be helpful if you would mow out 10 feet as the tractor cannot get up to fences. Many dead trees were removed over the summer in sections 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18.
Poop containers are located throughout the RBOS for dog walkers to use. Please pick up waste from your pets for all who enjoy the trails. We are in need of volunteers to service the stations weekly.
Explore RBOS Map and see how all the trails connect. Enjoy the treasures of our open space with magnificent views of mountains. The map is best viewed on a tablet size or large device.
Rock Maintenance in Yards:
Many homeowners have removed grass and replaced it with landscaping rock. Weed barrier fabric should be installed under the rock, but over time, dust and dirt will accumulate in the rock allowing weeds and grass to grow. Weed mitigation is necessary in these rocked areas. Pulling, weed whacking, and herbicides like “Roundup” will be needed to restore the beauty of your rock. Did you know that the area between your property line and the street is your responsibility to maintain? Please mitigate these weeds in the rocks as normal maintenance of your yard.
Gleneagle Drive Islands:
  • The islands are located roughly between the church/shopping center and the traffic circle.
  • Volunteers began an experimental project of removing a few dead junipers in the islands. Subsequently, the county was asked to assist in the project. About half dozen dead plants were removed. The El Paso County public works department is studying the process and their legal team is reviewing their findings. Stay tuned for further updates. We are hoping the county will step up and complete the island restoration.
Did You Know?
  • Any sheds, fences, painting, improvements to the landscaping must be approved by the ACC.
  • Parking is only allowed on concrete or paved areas, not rock or grass.
  • Camping trailers and RVs may temporarily park on driveways 3 days before and after each trip, the aggregate not to exceed 9 days per month.
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked at residential homes.
  • Utility trailers must be stored in a garage or properly screened from view.
  • Yard maintenance, removing dead trees, shrubs, picking up branches and yard debris, removing over grown weeds from rock areas is required.
To improve our neighborhood we ask for all homeowners to look around their house and yard and perform necessary cleanup. Many of us have dead trees that need to be removed. Covenant information will continue to be communicated through community updates. The board’s goal is for self-assessment of everyone’s property so covenant violation letters do not have to be sent.
Do your part. Help keep Gleneagle a great place to live!
Your Volunteer GCA Board
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