Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Architectural Control

Approval Process

Our covenants require that any exterior modifications to a property be approved by Declarant, which is the GCA. Simple maintenance, on the other hand, does not require approval. Typical exterior modifications include:

  1. An addition to the principal dwelling, such as a porch or deck or an extra bay in the garage
  2. Construction of an auxiliary building, such as a storage shed, or an enclosure for a boat or RV
  3. Installation of fencing of any kind, a new roof if the material is different from what is being replaced, or a satellite or Internet access antenna
  4. Enlargement of a driveway to accommodate an additional vehicle
  5. Erection of a playset or other play equipment that will be in place indefinitely
  6. Painting any structure a color different from its existing color
  7. Modifying the landscaping in any significant manner

Common types of maintenance not requiring approval include:

  1. Painting any structure the same colors that already exist
  2. Replacing the driveway surface with the same material that already exists
  3. Replacing dead trees, shrubs, and other plants with identical or similar ones

    If you have a project in mind that requires approval, simply submit a request for approval in writing to the GCA's Architectural Control Chairman.

    A project request for a landscaping change, modification of the main structure, addition of a new structure, or construction or replacement of fencing must include the following:

    1. A sketch of the project showing the location relative to the property lines
    2. A complete description of the project, including construction details, exterior finish, and all information needed to ensure compliance with the covenants.

    Once our chairman receives your package, he will review it and, if necessary, contact you for additional information. When he has all the information he needs, he will either approve the package himself and so inform you or he will present it to the GCA Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting, currently the 2nd Thursday of the month, with his recommendation for approval, approval with modifications, or disapproval. The Board will make a decision, and the chairman will inform you of it. You are welcome to attend the meeting, but it is not required. p;

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