Friday, February 26, 2021

HOA Letter for Title Companies

for Properties in Donala Subdivisions 1 & 2

For title companies wishing to obtain an HOA letter in conjunction with the closing on the sale of a property in Donala Subdivisions 1 & 2, please contact the GCA Treasurer by sending an e-mail to

 Upon receipt of the request, GCA will research the Association's files to determine the status of payment of the Association's dues relative to the property in question.  Dues may increase by up to 5% annually or as may be needed to meet the financial obligations of the GCA annually, but any annual increase will not exceed 5% in any year.   The 2021 dues are $54.55.

Additionally, the Association's Covenants Control Committee will ascertain if the property exhibits any apparent violations of the subdivisions' covenants and/or if there are any outstanding unresolved issues and/or fines against the property. Our findings and those of the Covenants Control Committee will be documented in the requested letter.

The 2020 fee for the letter is $250, payable to the Gleneagle Civic Association.

Title companies should allow up to approximately two weeks from the time of their requests to the receipt of the letter, though many times we can complete the request in a more timely manner.

Gleneagle Civic Association

P.O. Box 31

Monument, CO  80132