Friday, February 26, 2021

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

GCA members and the public are welcome to attend Board meetings, which are held at 6:30 PM usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Wescott Fire Department Board room 15415 Gleneagle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.  Sometimes we change the meeting date or location due to scheduling conflicts with Board members' schedules and/or the building availability, so check our Home Page in this website for the latest updates.

 TitleSizeModified Date
2020 June Board of Directors Meeting Minutes895.32 KB2/24/2021
2020 December Board of Directors Meeting Minutes1.04 MB2/6/2021
2020 November Board of Directors Meeting Minutes267.30 KB1/23/2021
2020 October Board of Directors Meeting Minutes171.13 KB12/6/2020
2020 July Board of Directors Meeting Minutes660.61 KB12/6/2020
2020 May Board of Directors Meeting Minutes895.32 KB12/6/2020
2020 September No Meeting held0.05 KB9/28/2020
2020 August Board of Directors Meeting Minutes0.03 KB9/28/2020
2020 April No Meeting Held0.05 KB9/28/2020
2020 March 15th Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 221.33 KB9/28/2020
2020 March 10th Board of Directors Meeting Minutes805.11 KB9/28/2020
2020 February Board of Directors Meeting Minutes150.94 KB9/28/2020
2020 January Board of Directors Meeting Minutes309.90 KB9/28/2020
2019 December Board of Directors Meeting Minutes1.04 MB9/28/2020
2020 January Board of Directors Meeting Minutes309.82 KB3/7/2020
2019 November Board of Directors Meeting Minutes1.70 MB3/7/2020
2019 October GCA Annual Member Meeting Minutes4.58 MB3/7/2020
2019 October Board of Directors Meeting Minutes1.68 MB3/7/2020
2019 September Board of Directors Meeting Minutes2.82 MB3/7/2020
2019 August GCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes2.44 MB8/18/2019
2019 July GCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes5.77 MB8/18/2019
2019 April GCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes4.72 MB8/18/2019
2019 Feburary GCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes6.25 MB8/18/2019
2018 - October Board Minutes149.47 KB4/30/2019
2018 December Meeting Minutes96.77 KB4/9/2019
2018 Annual Meeting Minutes130.06 KB1/16/2019
2018 July Board Minutes78.50 KB11/15/2018
2018 September Board Minutes136.79 KB11/15/2018
2018 August Board Minutes146.05 KB11/15/2018
2018 May Board Minutes80.50 KB7/6/2018
2018 April Board Minutes81.00 KB5/13/2018
2018 March Board Minutes142.99 KB4/30/2018
2018 January Board Meeting Minutes68.50 KB4/12/2018
2018 February Board Meeting Minutes64.50 KB3/8/2018
2017 December Board Minutes67.00 KB1/14/2018
2017 November Board Minutes78.00 KB12/27/2017
2017 Organizational Meeting53.18 KB11/21/2017
2017 October Board Minutes131.74 KB11/21/2017
2017 September Board Minutes128.09 KB11/21/2017
2017 April Board Minutes225.56 KB9/17/2017
2017 August Board Minutes63.00 KB9/10/2017
2017 July Board Minutes66.00 KB9/10/2017
2017 June Board Minutes54.50 KB9/10/2017
2017 May Board Minutes76.50 KB9/10/2017
2017 March Board Minutes545.41 KB9/10/2017
2017 February Board MInutes638.43 KB9/10/2017
2017 January Board Minutes101.81 KB9/10/2017
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes50.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - September Board Minutes38.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - Organizational Meeting Minutes24.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - October Board Minutes40.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - November Board Minutes38.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - May Board Minutes39.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - June Board Minutes39.50 KB1/11/2017
2016 - July Board Minutes34.50 KB1/11/2017
2016 - December Board Minutes71.00 KB1/11/2017
2016 - August Board Minutes41.50 KB1/11/2017
2016 April Minutes459.02 KB6/8/2016
2016 March Minutes164.81 KB4/20/2016
2016 February Minutes168.23 KB3/16/2016
2016 January Minutes438.09 KB2/17/2016
2015 December Minutes103.78 KB2/17/2016
2015 November Minutes99.24 KB2/17/2016
2015 October Organizational Meeting Minutes13.29 KB2/17/2016
2015 October Minutes394.31 KB2/17/2016
2015 September Minutes334.56 KB10/12/2015
2015 August Minutes532.57 KB10/12/2015
2015 July Minutes106.21 KB10/12/2015
2015 June Minutes107.09 KB10/12/2015

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