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Policy Memorandum # 2010 - 2

The foregoing Policy Memorandum was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors at a duly called and held meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association on 9 September 2010, as witnessed by Art Nielsen, 2010 President

Standards for House Colors

A need has been recognized to establish standards for the exterior colors used on houses and accessory buildings in our community.

The standards listed at Annex A shall be effective for all properties within the GCA community, and shall be applied to all future requests for color changes to houses and accessory buildings. All house colors that exist as of this date are hereby considered “Approved.”

This Policy Memorandum shall remain in effect until such time that the "Standards for House Colors" have been incorporated in the GCA Rules & Regulations.

Color Standards for Houses and Accessory Buildings

The primary objective behind Architectural Standards is the preservation of the residential character of our community.  The color selections for our residences form an elemental part of this character.

While Gleneagle does not have a singular defining theme that would dictate color selection, the vast majority of houses in all GCA neighborhoods have muted, subdued earth tones.  This existing color theme enriches and enhances the other attractive features of our neighborhoods - low density, spaciousness, open atmosphere, natural terrain and vegetation, mountains nearby.  Therefore, the color standards provided in this document recognize and embody the already existing color themes of our neighborhoods.  This allows a wide range of attractive house appearances, does not require or encourage a “cookie cutter” appearance, and still maintains the existing character of the GCA neighborhoods.

Gleneagle can also be characterized by terms such as “Traditional”, “Informal” and “Conservative”.  We respect the values and atmospheres implied by these terms, and so it is fully expected that the color selections for our houses should also be in consonance.


The houses in our community are mostly of contemporary, southwestern or western design.  The colors you select should be appropriate to the style of your house

Subdued earth tones are the existing dominant color themes and are the preferred choice in house colors, both for the main body of the house and for trims

Most traditional house colors will be acceptable.

House colors should harmonize with the colors of other houses in the GCA, not just those in the immediate vicinity.

House colors should blend with the surrounding features on the lot.

Wood stains shall project a “natural” wood appearance


Very bold or bright colors.  High gloss paints are discouraged.

Very dark colors, except for accent trim.
All fluorescent, neon, day-glo, or similar colors.

Colors that are in obvious discord with the surrounding area and with the dominant color themes found within the GCA. 

Colors that overpower the surroundings.

Primary colors - pure red, yellow, blue, green, grown, black, white - should not be considered as the “main” house color, but may be considered for trim or accent depending on the overall impact of the paint scheme.
Pinks, purples, oranges,

Metallic colors such as gold, silver, or bronze.

Colors that are non-traditional or unusual for houses in our area, such as lime-green, teal, violet, etc. 

Generally, house colors that mimic those of adjacent houses or directly across the street may not be approved because the resultant “cookie cutter” theme would be in contrast to the character of the GCA neighborhoods.


Multiple colors must harmonize with one another.

Colors and materials must blend together to create an attractive and harmonious result.

Selected colors must harmonize with other colors on the structure, such as roofing and brick, and must be harmonious with other colors in the neighborhood.

There will be latitude in the selection of trim and accent colors depending on the effect of the overall paint scheme

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