Friday, February 26, 2021

Mailbox Diagrams & Sketches

GCA residents are reminded that although you may have a variety of different types and styles of mailboxes, the mailbox post is a standardized and required-format item as stipulated in our Covenants. These wooden mailbox posts are distinctive for our community and reflect the GCA's attempt to create a sense of community and character to Gleneagle. By doing such, we are striving for a pleasant and valuable balance of rural/suburban, structured/unstructured, and individual/community.

Residents can purchase the wood to use in making this standardized mailbox post from places such as Home Depot, Black Forest Lumber or other facility that sells treated wood or rough-cut cedar (any type wood is acceptable as long as the final design/appearance of the mailbox post is as in the drawings below).

Mailbox Plans

Gleneagle Civic Association

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