Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Our History

The Gleneagle Civic Association grew out of previous associations:

  • The Donala Improvement Association (1977)
  • The Gleneagle Improvement Association (1986)
  • The Gleneagle Civic Association (1995)


The GCA comprises the owners of 689 properties in Donala Subdivisions 1 and 2, with certain properties and tracts excluded. The properties generally lie along and extending off of Gleneagle Drive from Westchester Drive east and north to and including Wuthering Heights Drive. As of October 20, 2017, the GCA also owns about 95 acres of common element open space that was formerly the property of the Gleneagle Golf Course.  The open space is formally known as the Ray Berg Open Space, honoring the memory of a founding member of the Gleneagle Civic Association.

The town home and patio home complexes near the Gleneagle Square shopping center and along Gleneagle Drive opposite Mission Hills Way and Latrobe Drive have their own HOAs as do the homes in the northern portions of Gleneagle near Antelope Trails Elementary School (view an overall map of Gleneagle showing the various HOA’s that represent residents)

GCA dues for 2020 are $51.95 per property per year and were made mandatory beginning in 2002 by a written vote of two-thirds of the Association's members.

Major activities of the GCA include a variety of Committees and Programs, some of which are:

  1. Architectural Control
  2. Covenants Enforcement
  3. This website
  4. Maintenance of wooden street signposts
  5. Welcoming new residents (Neighborhood Greeters Program)

Other activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Informing the county of needed road repairs
    • Annual Garage Sale/cleanup day
    • Summer yard awards
    • Holiday lighting awards
    • Resident Pride Awards
    • Annual Community Picnic

As you might expect, Covenants enforcement can sometimes be one of the most difficult tasks the Association faces. The process has been refined with the publication of the new GCA Rules & Regulations that was distributed to residents in the summer of 2008. New policy and procedures adopted in May 2003 incorporated drive-by surveys in addition to complaints as initiators of action, small claims court and collection agencies in addition to liens as possible enforcement options, and use of letters in lieu of phone calls, door hangers, and personal visits to inform owners of violations. 

Our policy is to enforce our community Covenants in an objective, even-handed, respectful, and professional manner while maintaining an adherence to the covenants in order to keep Gleneagle beautiful for us all.

Over the recent years, the GCA has been very proactive in keeping the neighbors better informed as to what is happening in our area with this website and an e-mail Broadcast system. The GCA is now looking at developing and implementing a Neighborhood Watch Program that will further create a closer sense of community among our resident members.

We ask residents in Gleneagle to become active in helping the GCA keep Gleneagle a wonderful place to live. Our annual elections for members of the Board of Directors is just such an opportunity for residents to become more involved in the community. And, of course, the GCA is always looking for volunteers to help maintain the various Islands throughout the community and/or work on a variety of projects and in committees that help us all but do not require a lot of time fro your already busy schedule. You would be surprised how just a few hours a month or even during the year can help the community.

The GCA welcomes all input to help make this a wonderful and safe place to live and thanks all the membership for their continued support…..especially our volunteers.


Gleneagle Civic Association

P.O. Box 31

Monument, CO  80132